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Ultrasonic Inspection

What is Ultrasonic Inspection?

One of the most commonly used technologies for performing condition monitoring,Ultrasonic Inspection or Ultrasonic Testing is a non-destructive test method using ultrasound instruments to detect high-frequency sounds that are beyond the limit of human hearing generated by operating machinery, electric emission, or leakage.

The high-frequency sound waves generated can indicate the thickness ( such as a pipe wall ) or the state of the internal structure of the machinery ( such as pinpointing cracks or other deep internal defects existing ) that may be lurking within.

The latter enables for pre-empting any possible machinery downtime by allowing for taking appropriate actions to resolve the issue.

Abandon reactive maintenance and start to take control of machinery assets with ultrasonic inspection. Decrease maintenance costs and unexpected machinery downtime.

Increase plant profitability by optimizing asset’s productivity today.

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