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Vibration Analysis

Overview of Vibration Analysis

Vibration is present in our daily lives. They may be generated by motors , turbines , machine tools , bridges , towers and even the human body! While some vibrations are desirable , some others are destructive and can cause disturbance to our lives .Consequently , there is a need to discover the causes of vibration as well as to develop methods to mitigate them.

One of the most common issue that industrial plant and facilities faces is excessive equipment vibration , which is due to problems occurring within a machine , such as misalignment , unbalanced rotating equipment and looses spare parts crucial to a unit such as a bolt .

If the issue is not rectify and left over a period of time , the machine may experience unexpected downtime or damage to the machine . Machines which consist of rotating or structural component are all vulnerable to problems caused by excessive vibration .

Vibration is basically a repetitive motion of a structure and comes in several forms and so the main purpose of vibration analysis quite simply is to determine the root cause of the problem , main reason that identifying and resolving vibration issues is to extend the life of the unit , reducing maintenance cost and preventing unexpected downtime.

Vibration Analysis is crucial for your businesses , especially if your business deals with rotating equipment , fluid piping system etc.

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