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Ultrasound Inspection

Overview of Ultrasound Inspection

Ultrasound equipment is probably the most versatile tool that you will come across. Designed for experienced maintenance professionals, ultrasound can contribute to the success of your energy conservation and predictive maintenance programs.

Ultrasound inspection basically uses high frequency soundwaves to characterize the thickness or internal structure . These soundwaves are usually in the range of 500 KHz to 20 MHz.

Because high frequency soundwaves are very directional , how it works is that they travel through a medium ( eg : a piece of steel or plastic ) until the sound waves encounter a boundary with another medium ( eg : air ) and then the soundwave will reflect back to their source.

Ultrasound testing is non destructive , and hence the potential test piece does not need to be altered in any way . There is no potential health risks that is related to ultrasound testing and the test once set up can be repeatable.

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