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Thermal PDM

Overview of Thermal PDM

Thermal imaging has become one of the most valuable detection and diagnostic methods for maintenance in many industries. By detecting thermal anomalies that are usually invisible to the naked eye, thermal imaging allows chronic faults to be identified. This prevents costly system failures from occurring.

Thermal problem usually occurs when the temperature of a certain electrical equipment is too high and being electrical , it will bound to have electrical wiring within which is at risk to cause sparks and subsequently fire if the equipment temperature reaches too high.

Old or faulty equipment is usually the main reason that causes unusually high temperature in a unit . Hence , a thermal testing is the most effective maintenance procedures.

An inspection of every 6 months is highly recommended as it can detect an issue arising with your equipment before it escalate further and causing damages . It can save you unnecessary costs and provide you with a safe working environment with regular thermal inspection.

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