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Lubrication Analysis

Overview of Lubrication Analysis

Lubrication engineering reduces energy use, lowers cost of maintenance and replacement, helps solves resource problems and even develops new technology! Lubrication Analysis is generally the development of lubricants and understanding the application of their proper usage and maintenance.

Lubricant is used because it can prolong the life of your equipment ( eg : engine ) sparing you from excessive maintenance , manpower costs and making your entire business running more smoothly more reliably , aka your reputation.

Lubrication analysis or oil analysis involves collecting and analyzing lubricant samples , these lubricant samples will inform you of the wear and contamination in an engine , transmission or hydralic system . Regular sampling and analyzing of oil can indicate normal and abnormal wear and contamination.

Collecting , identifying and measuring these oil samples will inform you an equipment rate of wear and its level of contamination in the within.

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